FARO is an Organization of Producers (O.P.) gathering about ninety companies specialized
in high-quality fruit and vegetable production and operating in the extreme south-eastern Sicily
(Pachino, Portopalo di Capo Passero and Noto, situated in the Province of Syracuse).

Tomato all-round taste

The tomato specialists

The good reputation of our tomato is mainly due to the following characteristics: flavour, flesh consistency, brightness of the fruit. Moreover, its long post-harvest life together with its organoleptic features represents another key to success and make it distinguishable from any other variety on the market. Finally, we should not disregard the fact that recent studies have pointed out the presence of lycopene, an antioxidant which may help in reducing the risk of cancer and some cardiovascular diseases.

Why prefer FARO?
Eight good reasons

  • Thirty years experience
  • Quality policy
  • Responsibility
  • Commercial reliability
  • Total traceability
  • Continuity of supplies
  • Production autonomy
  • Own production

What makes us different

The O.P. Faro is not just a farm. First of all, it is a community of people living in the same land and sharing the best seasons but also the most difficult ones.
The community also shares a same mission, that is taking advantage of the great resources of a unique land,
situated in the most southern corner of Sicily.

  • Mission
  • Quality
  • Marketing

What really makes our company different from the others is its mutual vocation: increasing turnover is a way to improve the quality of life of our associates’ families. In turn, this will help in improving the land, the local community and the district in which we operate. We ensure the maximum possible harvest and the minimum risk for operators, inhabitants, consumers and for the environment.

We take great care of food security, consumer’s health and environmental conservation, by avoiding the use of those substances that could be harmful for the cultivated land. We constantly analyze the critical points of the production process and we put a great deal of effort into risk prevention, traceability and qualitative analysis of our tomato.

Our main focus is on paying attention to consumer’s needs, in order to adapt the production also from the organoleptic and visual points of view. In order to pursue this goal we rely on skilled quality control personnel (Quality Assurance Representative, Shelf-life Manager, Sample Control Supervisor).

Products range

Today the O.P. Faro produces large amounts of I.G.P. Pachino tomatoes, among which the most appreciated varieties are: cherry tomato, small, round and sweet, vibrant red, characteristic for its aspect on a cluster, as fishbone; ribbed tomato (the so-called “costoluto”), a green salad tomato, regarding which we have the leadership across the area. The good reputation of our tomato is mainly due to the following characteristics: flavour, flesh consistency, brightness of the fruit. Moreover, its long post-harvest life together with its organoleptic features represents another key to success and make it distinguishable from any other variety on the market.

Large-scale retail channel

Large-scale retail channel has a deep impact on the fruit and vegetable market both in qualitative and quantitative terms, carrying out a slight selection among the numerous workers in the sector. Its bargaining power is due to the limited number of subjects determining the demand. Our challenge consists of being able to conform our management policies to the restrictions imposed by buyers with powerful contractual capabilities. For this purpose the O.P. Faro will undertake those actions which could enhance the logistic, productive and packaging processes, in order to guarantee for the associate producers both efficacy and effectiveness.

Sales and Marketing Department

Our sales office develops supply planning based on a mutual commitment. We have the means for adapting our production to variable demand, reorganizing manufacturing and packaging process in order to meet the target.

FARO: Tomato all-round taste

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What is your personal tomato FARO recipe?

Choose one of these categories of food and create your personal recipe.
Have fun to develop your own personal recipe tomato FARO.

  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • First dishes
  • With meat
  • With fish
  • Sauces
  • Imaginative
  • Pizzas
  • Bruschetta
  • With polenta
Tomato gratin

Stuffed and then put in the oven...

Stuffed tomatoes

Rice, potatoes, vegetables, fish ...

Tomatoes with cheese

Diced, sliced, salads pies ..

Fried tomatoes

Ligurian, with zucchini flowers, green, red ...

Tomatoes with tuna

For pasta sauces, in seconds, sandwiches ...

Dried tomatoes in oil

Whole or chopped, large or small, stuffed, flavored with olive ...

Tomatoes with eggs

Boiled, fried, omelette, fried, baked ...

Eggplant with Tomatoes

For pies, with pasta, for parmigiana ...

With broad beans

With macco, in meatballs, pasta, risotto ...

Greek salad

Classical or yogurt with salmon and shrimp ...

Salad with farro

Soup, salad, soup, steamed ...

With mushrooms

For bruschetta, with polenta, in omelette ...

Salad Caprese

Mediterranean, caprese fried ...

With potatoes

In pan, baked, cold in salads, raganate ...

Vegetable skewers

With mushrooms, with mozzarella ...

Mixed salad

With cous cous, with chicken ...

Pasta salads

Rustic, with dried tomatoes, lentils ...

Rice salad

Rich, classic, light, marinara, with rice ...

With risotto

With carrots, with vegetables, mushrooms, shrimp ...

With spaghetti

Cherry three tomatoes, puttanesca, with mussels ...

With gnocchi

With datterini, squid ink, gnocchi with crab meat ...

With ravioli

Parmigiana, fish, potatoes, artichokes, mushrooms ...

Penne with tomato

Penne spring, the queer, with ricotta, Sicilian, zucchini ...

With Cous cous

With shrimp, with tomato sauce, with chicken, with vegetables ....

With Rigatoni

With capers and olives, baked, with mozzarella ... .

With Orecchiette

With broccoli and anchovies, bacon ..

With Fusilli

With pistaches, bacon, and so on ..


In rolls, with the calf, with chicken breasts, with rabbit ...


With eggplant, with red lentils, with bread ...


Rustic, bolognese, boar, sausage, with octopus ...

Stuffed with meat

With eggplant, with pepperoni ...

Boar ragout

With noodles, with fresh pasta ...

With sausage

Classic, with mushrooms, with lasagne ...

With pork

With meat sauce, with dried tomatoes and almonds ...

With chicken

Stew, spicy pepperoni, with turkey Kebab ...

With snails

Stew, spicy pepperoni, with turkey Kebab ...

With squids

Stewed, with risotto ...

With salt cod

With raisins, prunes, olives ...

With tuna

With caper, rosemary ...

With swordfish

With sauce, baked with beer ...

With Salmon

With porcini and soft cheese ...

With mussels

Gratin with rice ...

With cod

Steamed with green olives ...

With shrimps

With peas, with crab meat ...

With sardines

Baked, with pasta, potatoes, ...

Sicilian Sauce

Following regional traditions...

Mexican sauce

With coriander, with chili ...


At Jack Daniel's Whiskey, American ..

Special sauces

Tuna, and shrimp capers ..


Tomatoes with bacon ...

Sicilian Pesto

With ricotta, pine nuts and basil ...


With cheese and zucchini ....

Tomato juice

Salty, sweet, to the Mexican ...

Tomato broth

In enchilada sauce, with the stew ...

Baskets with tomato

With bread and cheese, zucchini ...


With potatoes and tuna, black olives ...

With crostini

With Swiss cheese and basil, with mussels ...

Raw tomato

Ham with rocket, parmesan shavings ...

Dried tomatoes

With escarole and sausage with cheese...

Classic pizzas

Margherita, Neapolitan, marinara, rustic, Roman ...

Homemade pizzas

With black olives, with salami and mozzarella ...

Veal Steak Veal Steak

Fried, baked with mozzarella, oregano ...

Buns with tomato

With cherry tomatoes and oregano, onion, spelled ...

With mushrooms

With porcini and sausage...

With mozzarella

Hot, cold, with zucchini, cheese..

With peppers

At trappitana, with anchovies ...

Chopped tomato

With nduja...

Bruschetta special

With bacon, with shrimp sauce ...

With cheese/span>

Aged cheese, fresh cheese ...

Polenta botched

With octopus and herbs ...

Polenta stuffed

Cheese, mushrooms, salami ...

Polenta with sauce

With rabbit, deer, hunter ...

Chunks of polenta

With hake and peas ...

Roll of polenta

With sausage and mushrooms ...

Grilled polenta

With gravy and sausage, onion ...



Are these the top men of a well-organized business structure that provides, among other things: a charge to the processing and packaging, a logistics manager, a manager at the warehouse products, an agronomist responsible care culture, a professional officer projects, a responsible administrative area.

Corrado Petralito


A man of great experience, a farmer, covering many years as Chairman of the Organization Manufacturers FARO.

Salvatore Chiaramida


Key man of all marketing strategies, Salvatore Chiaramida holds the position of Director also the Consortium IGP Pachino.

Edmondo Pisana


Coordinates and manages all commercial activities and sales of Faro is the first years of its foundation, following contacts with customers.

Giuseppe Failla


As external consultant, he assists the Director General in the optimization of human resources and marketing area to search for new markets.

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